Gimbals tapas


(served like canapés)


Crab cakes with tomato and samphire tarragon compot.


Pikelets topped with stilton and port poached pear confit.


Omelette Arnold Bennett.

[Made with oaked smoked haddock, Montgomery cheddar, and parsley.]


Eggs Benedict.


A small cup of Creamed mushroom with wilted spinach soup and smoked garlic croutons.


Welch rarebit with beetroot relish.


Corned beef hash cakes with piccalilli.


Grilled queen scallops with a prawn, lemon and garlic cheese gratin.


Crispy buttermilk, honey and caraway croutes topped with oven baked tomato and smoked eel.


Caerphilly and smoked garlic toasts.


Tomato pesto crispy croutes topped with slow roasted portobella mushrooms.


Petite tarts of smoked salmon with sweet pickled cucumber.


Spiced lamb meatballs with cucumber and mint soured cream.


Sautéed fresh water prawns in chilli, lemon, garlic and coriander butter with hot toast.


ll of these dishes are served like canapés and are small, some may need a fork and a small plate.


We recommend you choose 6/8 off the list.




Piles high chocolate profiteroles with lashings of chocolate sauce.


Rose scented meringue kisses with double cream and potted raspberries.


Yorkshire rhubarb and spiced ginger custard pots.


English Strawberries and cream.


All served on vintage glass cake stands for your guests to help themselves to.


The price depends on which dishes you choose and how many guests.