Raspberry mojito


With dry January long gone {phew} we, here at Gimbals HQ, thought you might appreciate this dazzling cocktail!


This cocktail was brought to our attention by one of our lovely customers who asked if we could create it for her. Not one to disappoint, without hesitation, the cocktail cabinet was opened, out spilled the ingredients needed for this bobby dazzler of a cocktail.


So, we thought we would share it with you. Here at HQ we use our own moonshine, raspberry vodka that has been brewing since the Raspberry season was in full glory, we nearly missed it due to the hot summer! Those juicy plump raspberries have been steeping away with some crushed cardamoms since.


This raspberry mojito has made its way on to our Cocktail list just in time for Valentines where we will be having our legendary candle lit, rose-filled evening offering a one-off special menu created with love in mind, using the finest, wildest wonderful ingredients from land and sea. See you there!



50 ml silver rum (Bacardi)

25 ml Raspberry vodka (we use our own raspberry and cardamom vodka)

1/4 lime juiced

Splash of sugar syrup (we use mint sugar syrup)

6 fresh raspberries

6 fresh mint leaves


100ml soda water


Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker or something with a fitted lid, muddle with a muddler or wooden spoon add the ice and shake. Pour the whole lot into your favourite glass, top with soda and relax!