Gimbals Damson Gin Prosecco Aperitivo 7.50


Mid week menu



Hot smoked Cornish mackerel with green strawberry relish, black pepper rocolla.


Gruyere rosti with treacle braised ham hock, beetroot relish, poached egg and sweet mustard dressing.


Sweet potato, chickpea and black lime fritter, chilli crushed avocado, coconut, minted peanut salad, coriander salsa, blistered padron peppers.



Main dishes

Grilled Salmon steak, Pomme Anna, green olive tapenade and béarnaise sauce.


Stroganoff of beef fillet, saffron rice and coriander soured cream.


Butternut squash, pepper, aubergine and prune tagine with crumbed feta.



Salt Roasted Cornish potatoes, garlic and thyme, sautéed vegetables in garden herb butter and toasted seeds.

3.80 (enough for two)




Chocolate delice with honeycomb.


 Damson gin ice cream, hazelnut short bread.


British blackberry, apple and pear crumble with vanilla pod custard.


Two courses 19.90/ three courses 23.90



Teas and coffee from 1.80

Home made truffles 4.50